Principal Project Officer (Australian Curriculum - Health And Physical Education)


Brisbane Grove, NSW

Posted 1/15/2020

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Principal Project Officer (Australian Curriculum - Health and Physical Education)

154 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane, QLD 4101

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) is a statutory body of the Queensland Government established under the Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Act 2014. In collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders and partner agencies, the QCAA plays a critical role in the design and delivery of education in Queensland. It is responsible for the development, review and approval of guidelines and syllabuses for Kindergarten to Year 12, as well as the development of associated professional resources for teachers. It is also responsible for testing, assessment, moderation and certification.

Position statusTemporary
Position typeFull-time
Occupational groupEducation & Training
Workplace LocationBrisbane Inner City
Job ad referenceQLD/QCAA3/20
Closing date28-Jan-2020
Yearly salary
Fortnightly salary
Total remuneration
Salary Other
Job durationto 31/12/2020
Contact personKathryn Tully
Contact details(07) 3864 0483 /
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Role of the position

The role of the Principal Project Officer, (Australian Curriculum – Health and Physical Education) is to lead and manage projects, liaise with key stakeholders and undertake activities that contribute to the development of a range of curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment resources and the development and delivery of professional development to support curriculum implementation.

This role requires extensive experience in and deep knowledge of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education, with the capacity to provide guidance and advice across P-10.

Major responsibilities

  • Lead and participate in project teams to develop curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment policy advice, resources and professional learning.
  • Provide expert advice to Managers and the Assistant Director on issues related to curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment.
  • Plan and present professional development for teachers and key stakeholders to support implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.
  • Prepare briefings and correspondence.
  • Lead and manage projects within timelines, using allocated resources.
  • Lead consultation with a range of stakeholders to inform the development of curriculum, policy advice, resources and professional learning.
  • Liaise professionally with educational agencies and a range of stakeholders on projects.
  • Create and maintain professional relationships between the Authority and key stakeholders.
  • Participate in forums and workshops in relation to the work of the QCAA.
  • Undertake specific tasks as required to assist the QCAA in achieving its business outcomes, including using data to inform decisions.
  • Contribute to a change management and performance development culture by participating in regular two-way feedback discussions with your manager and colleagues, and through the implementation of an individual Performance and Development Plan (PDP).

Key attributes

 Within the context of the responsibilities described in the position description, the ideal candidate for this role will:

  • Support strategic direction by using their extensive knowledge and expertise of P-10 Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education to provide quality advice to stakeholders in relation to curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment.
  • Achieve results through successfully leading and managing projects which support the development and implementation of high quality policy advice, resources and professional learning.
  • Support productiveworking relationshipsby building and sustaining positive relationships with key internal staff and external stakeholders and being responsive to their diverse needs.
  • Display personal drive and integrity by acting professionally at all times, showing their commitment to self-development, maintaining their knowledge of contemporary curriculum and assessment, and completing priorities within timelines.
  • Communicate with influence through using highly developed written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to negotiate with stakeholders based on a clear understanding of desired outcomes.

You are only required to respond to the first three key attributes in your application. Your written application and a 2-page resume should highlight your current work experience in relation to this role.

Please refer to the Your application section on the last page of the position description for important information on what your application needs to include.

Further information

We are committed to building inclusive cultures in the Queensland public sector that respect and promote human rights and diversity.


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