Football Data Scout


Perth, WA

Posted 12/2/2019

FirstPlay is a Sports Data Company that delivers high-quality sports updates in real-time direct from venues around the world. Our mission objective is clear - we strive to provide both exceptional quality and unparalleled service.

We are looking for a Football Data Scout based in Perth or nearby to cover football matches.

Are you a person interested in football looking for a great part-time job which you can combine with your studies or full-time job? Then you will be a perfect new fit for our Sports Scouts team. As a Scout, you will attend sports events reporting the action as it unfolds from the venue.

General Responsibilities:

  • Attend sports events reporting the action live as it unfolds from the venue using a mobile interface

  • Report pre-game information such as match start time, format, etc.

  • Report live sports event data from the venue

  • Provide post-match reports of any Scouting issues.

  • Submit ticket & travel expenses information in a timely manner for reimbursement.

  • Report your availability to the Country Supervisor for the schedule creation. 

Role Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of football

  • Good spoken communication in English - B1 proficiency or above

  • Mobile phone with internet connection

  • Ability to travel and attend sports venues

  • The applicant must be over the age of 18

  • Previous experience not required

What we offer:

  • Attractive payment and performance-based bonuses

  • Expenses for your travel and ticket are fully reimbursed

  • Full Scout Training is included

To view and apply for this job on the web visit: